Welcome to my site

Welcome to my sometimes serious, sometimes funny and yes even SEXY experiences as I travel the treacherous and very insightful  path of a woman with MS.

I am a forty-seven year  old woman, divorced and the mother of two amazing sons.

I invite you to come and have a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or a dirty Martini  with me and hopefully smile as we palaver.  Cheers ;) 

About Cindy Lee

I'm a writer, mother and lover of life who has learned that my twenty year dance with the disease MS, has given me Multiple Strengths. I write about love, laughter, healing and hope.
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5 Responses to Welcome to my site

  1. Beth Smith says:

    Hi Cindy Lee…
    I used to have MS.
    I am now walking my dogs almost 2 miles every day… getting up early, going to bed late.
    I am in Karate with my boys. I have gone up 2 belts.
    I will soon have a black belt…
    And, I did it not because I am that determined….
    Kinda mentally lazy actually…
    2 1/2 years ago, I was rude to 2 men who were trying to tell me about something that might help me.
    I tried it…started youtubing it…. just so I could prove to everyone on the Internet that they were scam artists…
    That bit me in the butt…
    Not only did I lose my MS symptoms, my stupid ms walk, but I lost 6 pant sizes. My husband who also thought it was a scam lost acid reflux, migraine headaches, knee pain, back pain, arthritis, insomnia and skin problems…
    A previous ex-MSer, who was in a wheel chair, wanted desperately to talk at a MS Society meeting so he could share why he was walking again.
    He was told no….
    Just like the Cancer Society is very dangerous to those many people who have a proven cure for cancer, the medical gurus do not want this talked about.
    But God sent this to me… so I will share this whenever I can. I hope you are open to hear…
    God bless you.

    • David says:

      Wow a cure for MS. This sounds great. I have done many things to beat this but it gets better and then back to the wheel chair. I would be very interested in what good news you care to relate. Thanks a bunch.

    • shanna says:

      What is it that helped you?

    • Cindy Lee says:

      Hi beth, I am happy to hear that your MS symptoms have recently improved and even disappeared. However, as much as it is true that no two people experience MS the exact same way, it is also true that no two ways of treating the disease can be assumed to be the right choice. After watching your video, I agree that by drinking plenty of water can only help cleanse your body of all unwanted toxins and help maintain a healthy digestive system. I do not want to promote any products that claim to cure MS as I do not want my site to become an advertisement for what could be false hope. Everyone’s road to healing Iis unique but I bleive that everyones starts with a positive mindset and the desire to take back control and lose the fear. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Stay well. Cindy

      • Beth Smith says:

        I can certainly respect that you don’t want to appear that you are a commercial. However, that video was done 2 1/2 years ago, and the laws of nature still haven’t changed.

        Since then, I have found out that the multiple sclerosis societies are as corporate driven as the cancer societies. There are MANY cures for cancer, but you won’t get them from your doctor. The Cancer Society is still the biggest money making industry, beating the income of all the car industries put together (at least that was one of the many items I have read on the subject). The AMA, working in tandem with their brute squad, the FDA, has been successful in scaring, financially ruining, or (rumors have it!) killing those who have one more cure for cancer. In comparison, The MS Society is not as prolific yet, but is hard on the financial heels of the ACS, because it is a successful recipe:
        1. Make the disease as scary as possible;
        2. Convince people that there is nothing else that they can do about it, other than go to be ‘treated’ by their doctor;
        3. Make sure that the person, through pharmaceutical means, is kept in the area just between becoming healthy (not needing drugs) and death, for as long as possible;
        4. And, WHATEVER YOU DO! Don’t let the person know about the laws of pH, TRUE hydration, and minerals!
        You see, Cindy, the leveling field comes from that, while no 2 people experience MS the exact same way (as you stated) we ALL need clean, alkalized water, and need to eliminate pouring acid down our throats, because it IMMEDIATELY changes the body of water to an acidic state. I find that every MS victim I have tried to educate comes to that fork in the road of whether or not they want to get healthy or not, and 70% of it is that soda (diet soda even worse) or even that cup (or fifteen cups!) of coffee. Then, the other important part is we need food that actually has food in it (American fruits and vegetables do not have the minerals we need anymore…which means that it is tougher to eat enough alkalized veggies, unless you sit behind a broccoli truck and pig out every day), And I SO AGREE with you that mindset is such an important part…However, nobody that I know of has been successful with consistently rising above and changing the law of gravity…there are parameters.

        There is not one person with multiple sclerosis that can’t kick it out, and become healthy and functioning again. The first thing that they have to do is dump the medical system, the drugs are not designed to heal anyway. Fine, you don’t want to buy my stuff? Great… there are other companies that are springing up around the country based on either minerals or alkalized water. I haven’t found a better combination, but at least start learning to use the rules of the body. Drinking a bunch of tap water or bottled water (also acidic) won’t help. Or, better yet, move to Okinawa, where they are cancer-free, lupus-free, ‘fill in the blank’ free AND MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS free, because their water is infused with those coral minerals. See,

        Cindy, I did not reach out to you because I wanted to reach whatever audience that you have…I wanted to share with you. What if there was a chance that YOU could kick it out, would you want to? So many MS victims relish their time with their disease and their doctor… it takes a lot of courage to get healthy. But Man! When you do? THAT’s a MINDSET!!! WooooHOooo!

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