No Place Like ME!


No Place Like ME!

What would you strap on a pair of red sexy shoes and wak the yellow brick road for?

To be wealthy as Donald Trump?

To be as famous as Lady Gaga and be free to express yourself however you wanted?

To chase eternal youth and the latest in botox treatments?

To be as fit as an olympian athlete and ready to run a ten mile marathon tomorrow?

Why is it we spend our entire lives walking down this road only to find at the end of it, we missed what was right in front of us?

No, I am not Oz here to grant your every wish. You don’t need someone else to give you what you already have.

I admit, I once chased the dream of owning a big house with lots of bedrooms and an outdoor pool.

I used to want that expensive shiny sports car, dreaming of how it would feel to drive with the top down. The wind blowing through my hair.

My ex-husband and I, struggled to get ahead financially.  Starting out with children early in our marriage, we always chased financial security.

What was it all for?

Lots of stress, resentment and eventually a divorce.

My father worked hard his entire life, making wise financial investments, selflessly putting money aside for his family..

He did not spend it foolishly. Material possessions were not important to him. He did not even spoil himself on luxuries or on travelling to see the world.

I understand now, he did not travel the yellow brick road. He chose to make his life alongside it.

He was happy with his family. The little things that brought him joy each day.

I am not saying that desiring financial security, good health and fame are not worthy of achieving. 

What matters is not to lose yourself in the race.

I have walked the yellow brick road only to discover that the path was a false one.

A divorce in my thirties, an uncertain illness, and the tragic loss of both of my parents is what I found on my yellow brick road.

Maybe we all need to take this journey in order to cherish what is really our purpose.

I realize now I have the ability to have what I really want.

To be happy and to love.

To enjoy each new day I am blessed to be alive. To love the ones that I hold dear in my heart.

To love myself.

It is that simple for me

I will wave as you pass by in your red high heels and will be waiting.

Waiting for you to embrace what really matters.

Are you ready to take off Dorothy’s shoes?

Cindy Lee

January 5, 2013

About Cindy Lee

I'm a writer, mother and lover of life who has learned that my twenty year dance with the disease MS, has given me Multiple Strengths. I write about love, laughter, healing and hope.
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