What Do You See?


What Do You See?

Is it really just an offer of embrace happiness or is it just spam disguised with a red bow?

I recently had someone post a comment on my Facebook page asking me ”Do you really have to spam every MS support group?  It is annoying!”

So I am left to ponder this post from what seemed to be coming from a somewhat disgruntled, prickly man who chose to try to let his own negativity penetrate another’s happy aura.

What has our society come to when people get angry when someone is trying to spread hope and happiness to others who are suffering from a chronic illness?  I am not out to spam anyone to death or to be obnoxious in trying to get people to notice me!

I started my blog because I thought I might be able to help others who are going through exactly the same things I have and want to encourage others to have the strength to believe that you have to go through the bad times, to get to the good. 

When I was first diagnosed almost twenty years ago, I did not have access to such a vast support system that is now available on the internet.  I felt isolated, downcast and that I was alone in what I then perceived an equivalent of a death sentence.

To be honest, there probably was a time in my life when a comment like that would have sent me running back to a place of safety.  Back to a quiet corner feeling hurt and unsure of myself.  Now I can accept any negative comments secure in the knowledge that I know who I am and cannot be intimidated into feeling insecure.  

I deleted this comment from my timeline not out of embarrassment  but because I started this group so that people would have a place to come and exchange positive, healing thoughts only.  There is already enough negative sites out there and I refuse to let anyone contaminate this vision of wellness.

I have had so much positive feedback from both men and women who are happy to let their own voices be heard and say “Yes, I am still worthy of love, still capable and darn it, still sexy!!!!! 

For any nay sayers, I say your negativity cannot touch those of us who are happy in our own skin and I will still be here when you have learned to love yourself. 

For all of you lovely, inspiring souls who believe in staying positive and helping others to stay strong in the face of adversity, I say bless you!

Life is too short to be hostile.  Life is to valuable to be wasted.  life is too good to be bitter. 

Embrace the good in others and forgive any hurt others try to inflict.

For anyone who thinks my posts are spam, i understand you are coming from an unhappy place.

For those who enjoy my posts, love and hugs!

cindy Lee Lothian

June 29, 2013



About Cindy Lee

I'm a writer, mother and lover of life who has learned that my twenty year dance with the disease MS, has given me Multiple Strengths. I write about love, laughter, healing and hope.
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4 Responses to What Do You See?

  1. This is so very well said.

    Someone once said to me, when you come across negative people, pray for them, even if you dont pray. It certainly releases me from feelings of angst. I am not a religious petson but I pray to the wonders of the universe, which is my concept of a God of my own understanding.

    Keep up your wonderful much appreciated work. 🙂 x

  2. Holy cow….I could not agree more! I started a page too but I feel it is not that popular because I do not allow it to be a negative “dumping” site. I try to be understanding…everyone copes differently and some people are super bummed out / have really bad symptoms. -But I guess my theory is “what good is it to vent / be negative?” Is that fixing your problem? No. So, like you, I try to spread positivity, information, share what works for me etc. I feel like people think I’m annoying too with all of my solution based comments but I don’t care either. I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on and do what I want. Hopefully it will get to someone willing to try it.

  3. I generated a couple of unhappy comments this week and was reminded that people respond out of their own mess. You are right to offer up the positive side of MS–no one has to go there with you, but it helps all of us, those w/ MS as well as family members and friends, to see the ‘other’ side. To remember the person need not be defined by the illness.
    Don’t stop and don’t give ‘them’ a second thought.

  4. María Rosa says:

    When I encounter this kind of people in my life, I always feel terrible at first, but then I try to remind me that it’s really a problem they have, so I go back to my being compassionate and forgiving. At the same time, I send them from my heart blessings and wishes of ligth, and remind myself that these people are here to teach me something, too.

    Thank you for all your love, which expires from every pore of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    María Rosa

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