“Sorry”, For What?


“Sorry”, For What?

When did the word “sorry” start being the easiest word in your vocabulary rather than the hardest one? 

 Was it shortly after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis? 

According to Dan Hill, sorry seems to be the hardest word or so I thought.

Do you find yourself constantly apologizing for things you have no control over? I just realized that I find myself doing this a lot when I am needing help. I now find myself  wondering when and why I started to feel the need to say “sorry” every time I need someone to help me see something clearly. 

Not being able to see something that is written in small print is not something I chose. Not being able to drive myself to a doctor’s appointment or to the grocery store is not something I want.

So why do I find myself apologizing for asking for help from the ones who are supposed to love me the most? 

I think this comes from a feeling of the loss of  independence. This makes us feel guilty for having to rely on others for things we once used to do for ourselves. There is no shame in needing help and certainly no need to apologize. 

You did not ask for a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis which can bring daily challenges to your physical abilities as well as your emotional strength. 

A child does not feel the need to apologize when they need help. They are free from any feelings of inadequacies and simply trust that help will be freely given when needed. As an adult why do we get hung up on appearances and worries of what others might think of us? 

Stop apologizing for being you. Do not feel shamed by needing to ask for help. It does not make you any less worthy but rather shows your courage for not allowing your struggles to get in the way of you living your best life. 

Instead of saying “sorry” which may imply that you have something to feel guilty about, just show your appreciation by saying “thank you” along with a smile 

By simply showing gratitude instead of weakness you are reclaiming your own sense of value. 

Let’s start using the word “sorry” for when we have really done something we truly regret. Never apologize for being who you are, no matter what the circumstances.

After all, if you could help someone you love, would you really want to hear them say they are “sorry” for needing your help?

I think that would break my heart. 

Cindy Lee Lothian

September 8, 2013

About Cindy Lee

I'm a writer, mother and lover of life who has learned that my twenty year dance with the disease MS, has given me Multiple Strengths. I write about love, laughter, healing and hope.
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6 Responses to “Sorry”, For What?

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  2. I’m always saying ‘sorry’ when I ask for help — that’s if I ask for help.
    I hate asking for help and I struggle with tasks that I know will make me worse.
    I remember my Mum saying that sorry was a dirty 5 letter word – too easily said!

  3. Christina Speir says:

    LOVE IT!!! Thanks I needed that. Brought tears to my eyes!!

  4. Jennnifer says:

    Being such a young age with Secondary Progressive, I always say sorry. I have a wonderful man and family and they are helping me overcome the feeling that I am inconveniencing people who truly want to help me. Sigh, it was be such a hard habit to break 😦

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