I am a writer, mother, and lover of life who has discovered that a twenty year dance with MS, has given me Multiple Strengths.  I write about love, laughter, healing and hope.

Welcome to my sometimes serious, sometimes funny and yes even SEXY experiences as I travel the treacherous and very insightful  path of a woman with MS.

I am a forty-seven year  old woman, divorced and the mother of two amazing sons.

I invite you to come and have a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or a dirty Martini  with me and hopefully smile as we palaver.  Cheers ;) 

4 Responses to About

  1. I don’r think I ever had a dirty Martini… 🙂

  2. leilra says:

    You are incredibly lovely (: You radiate such a wonderful beam of positivity!

  3. Clarissa says:

    When I found your blog on,

    When He Doesn’t Love You Anymore! As soon as I read, “Is it you he doesn’t love anymore, or the disease..”, I was hoping you were referencing, MS.

    I was, searching all around to see if anyone of us out there can help me cope by accepting and understanding, he will never change, and/or have experienced the same or similar.

    I am a 35 yr old mommy, to a beautiful 7 yr old girl, and we are currently residing with the father of our child.

    In our 8 years of ups and downs, I am slowly waking to see he does not love me anymore, ever since the symptoms, disease, and unfortunate recent attacks, which were back to back, and my first attacks like that, required 1 week of hospitalization, to returning “home” to a hallow shell.

    I have tried so many times to talk to him, and he keeps running away.
    He believes I caused this to myself, everything is my fault, I’m lazy, I’m milking it…like really??

    The 1 person I thought was Always going to be there for me, regardless of what was happening before, and was told 100x over, is supposed to WANT to be there, making sure everything is ok, assuring me, shit, at that point all I wanted was a real hug, and I still didnt even get that. Quite the opposite as a matter of fact.

    I’m disheartened, disappointed, pissed off, and small part of me feels like he is actually enjoying this.

    Thank you for sharing your honest, inspirational story, as I’m more Positive I will get through this.


    • Cindy Lee says:

      Hi CYR. I have NO doubt you will get through this. First of all, this is not your fault and you did to bring this on yourself. He is running because he is afraid. Know that the people who run in your life are not the ones in your life that were meant to stay. You are worthy of love and know that whatever happens, you will be ok! Cindy

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