When There Is No Where To Hide!















When There Is No Where To Hide!

When the panic swells up in your throat threatening to choke you and there is nowhere to hide. When the tears fall down your cheeks, their salty taste the only thing that reminds you that you are alive.

Just when you think you are back in control , as quick as the flip of a light switch. Your plunged back into the abyss.

Now, there is no where for me to hide . Except in these words

I am writing as I bury the panic which is an all too familiar friend.

I will not hide. I will stand and fight.

Cindy Lotian

Oct. 30, 2015






About Cindy Lee

I'm a writer, mother and lover of life who has learned that my twenty year dance with the disease MS, has given me Multiple Strengths. I write about love, laughter, healing and hope.
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2 Responses to When There Is No Where To Hide!

  1. limami says:

    Reblogged this on My Journey with MS… and commented:
    You said exactly what I’ve been thinking.

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